Polish pottery town boleslawiec

Original Bolesławiec pottery

Handicraft  dating back  18th century

Manufacturing method that has not been changed for hundreds of years provides unique characteristics of our pottery. Bolesławiec history has been closely related to pottery craft and ceramic industry since over 350 years. Both town and its areas are located in the Bóbr and Kwisa rivers basin, which abounds with clay deposits (unique ones), which are suitable for stoneware product production, fired at a temperature from 1280 to 1300 °C.

Moreover, the region of pottery capital  abounds with clays used for glazing. Thanks to them, it was possible to obtain brown, glassy surface. Named clay glaze, they have become a typical component of Bolesławiec products.

The earliest reference about  a potter of Bolesławiec appears in Świdnica books already in 1380. Potters formed a guild at the beginning of  14th century. Over the years, the craft has adopted a characteristic and easily recognizable form.

At first, products  featuring high durability, which meant that they were ideal with respect to broadly defined product application,  were made from fine stoneware. For a few dozen years, everyday forms were developed and finishing touch was put but new ones were also created thanks to town’s status, its geographical location and wealth of its residents. Luxurious products became more and more popular, therefore one started manufacturing coffee and tea sets. Apart from that,  a variety of offered dishes was continuously expanding from massive, decorative large pots to delicate dinner sets.

Thanks to changes in ceramic mass composition a quality stoneware was obtained, which is characterized by brighter colour. Dominant colour of the decoration became cobaltic, green and brown and decorations for the first time were applied using the stamp method.

 Even political changes at the turn of 1980-1990 did not affect the pottery production and at present Bolesławiec local product has its customers all over the world. Thanks to its durability, high and low temperature resistance and artistic image, pottery enjoys a good reputation among connoisseurs and various buyers.